50 snacks for noble drinks

This book was published to continue the set of cookbooks that began with the book “50 desserts for the home cuisine”, that was prepared to the Woman’s Day for friends and partners of ROSTA. The second book was timed to the Doctor’s Day. In the book we collected recipes of classic and new snacks that are served with wine in different countries. The structure of the receipts is identical to the previous book (receipt with ingredients, pictures of the dish, historical information, a short story about the key ingredients and cooking tips), but we added a nuance: a quest sommelier has selected a wine for every dish. In the end we have given recommendations on how to serve different wines properly.


Published: 2015

Volume: 108 pages

About the client

The ROSTA pharmaceutical group consists of one of the nation's largest distributors of pharmaceuticals, a plant for the production of solid dosage forms Raduga Production, Raduga and First Aid drugstore chains as well as the ROSTA Marketing trade and marketing company. Branches and representations of the group are open all across Russia from Archangelsk to Kamchatka.

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