Amagram. Achievements and opportunities

It is an addition to the official magazine of Amway – Amagram, focused on motivation and business education of the Amway Business Owners of Amway (ABOs). In the “Amagram. Achievements and opportunities” specialists of Russian Amway explain the company’s code of ethics and help the ABOs find answers for the current business questions. The publication is distributed in Russia and Kazakhstan and informs the readers about the main events in the company’s life, motivation programs and most importantly about the achievements of the ABOs from these 2 countries. Photoreports from meetings, training seminars and travelling of the ABOs who achieved the new heights in their business — all this you can find in the magazine.



Release date: 2005

Edition volume: minimum 24 pages

Circulation: 100 000 copies

Periodicity: 6 issues a year

About the client

OOO "Amway" is the affiliate of the Amway Company, one of the largest direct selling companies, in Russia. Amway produce and sell personal-care products, household cleaning products, bioadditives, kitchenware, water purifiers and e.t.c.. The 57th affiliate of the Amway Company has started its activity on the Russian market on March 15, 2005. During several years one of the youngest offices of the Amway corporation has become the first one in Europe and the fifth one in the world in terms of sales of Amway products.

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