The task of the issue is to make the unique qualities of Amway products known to the distribution partners and to give recommendations, how to use them with maximum efficiency. The Russian-language version of Amagram is published by the German publishing house C3 in cooperation with Newmen: we provide local articles on the subjects relevant for the readership in Russia and Kazakhstan. In the magazine you can find news of the company, interviews with its leaders and articles about the founders, but the biggest part of the magazine is devoted to the products. These are excursions to the history of popular brands, reviews of new products, production reports and expert advices.




VOLUME: 52 pages

CIRCULATION: 200,000 copies

PERIODICITY: 6 issues per year

About the client

OOO "Amway" is the affiliate of the Amway Company, one of the largest direct selling companies, in Russia. Amway produce and sell personal-care products, household cleaning products, bioadditives, kitchenware, water purifiers and e.t.c.. The 57th affiliate of the Amway Company has started its activity on the Russian market on March 15, 2005. During several years one of the youngest offices of the Amway corporation has become the first one in Europe and the fifth one in the world in terms of sales of Amway products.

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