Vpik hour

TThe VPIK hour newspaper is a professional publication, informing employees of the M.T.VPIK construction company about the events and trends in the real estate market, the company’s projects and work standards. Thanks to the newspaper the staff gets the latest information about the construction of facilities in different cities and learns more about new projects. The newspaper invites experts – architects and designers – to talk about the trends in architecture, construction and renovation technology. The newspaper also publishes articles on the construction business in Krasnodar, reviews and analysis of the real estate market, as well as the analysis of supply and demand.

About the project

Published: since 2008

Circulation: 2,000 copies

Periodicity: 4 issues per year

Volume: 8 pages

About the client

The M.T.VPIK construction company was founded on September 16, 1992. In 2012, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary – it is one of the largest and most successful construction companies in Krasnodar

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