El Karusel

A stylish magazine for parents who cultivate a good taste in their children since early childhood. Children’s fashion, tips for arranging children’s parties, lots of pictures helping to find ideas for creating unique image of a child. El Karusel also takes care of the children’s leisure and provides parents with ideas for presents, children’s parties and activities. Is it better to choose a popular doll or a game? A ticket to a performance or to a skating rink? Parents often find it difficult to understand the world of children, which has its own laws.
Posed photo shoots for the magazine feature children of the readers, which creates an emotional connection between the magazine and the audience.

About the project

Published: since 2010

Volume: from 36 pages

Circulation: 2,000 copies

Periodicity: 4 issues per year

About the client

ElKarusel is a chain of multibrand luxury boutiques for children and teenagers. Exclusive product line, the world’s best children and teenage clothing brands .

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