The Fanagoria Estate Winery Corporate publication is a guide to the world of wines, and a chronicle of the events of the manufacturing company. The magazine demonstrates the openness of the company, provides information on the strategy of the wine sector, quality standards and production technologies. Much attention is paid to the Fanagoria product range and the culture of wine making. Each edition of the corporate magazine proves that the Russian wine industry is actively developing and it is much more diverse than most people think. The Fanagoria business allows us to observe the integration of Russian manufacturers with the international wine market.




About the project

Published: since 2010

Volume: 32 pages

About the client

Fanagoria is one of the largest wineries in Russia with over 2,800 hectares of its own vineyards. The company provides for the full life cycle of winemaking and its terroir wines take the first places in professional competitions and tastings, being highly appreciated by the world's leading experts. Wine under the Fanagoria brand name are supplied not only to the regions of Russia, but also abroad.

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