Connoisseurs and collectors of noble drinks replenish their wine racks based on the recommendations of the Kentro magazine, issued for the eponymous chain of stores. The main aim of the magazine is to develop a culture of luxury alcohol consumption, inform the connoisseurs about the extended product range of the chain and help its customers make a wise choice. The magazine covers alcohol industry news, interviews with its representatives, the history of legendary alcohol brands, descriptions of winemaking traditions in different countries. And, of course, practical recommendations and expertise of professional sommeliers, cocktail recipes and gastronomic combinations. The editors often invite regular Kentro customers to share their experience and impressions.



About the project

Published: since 2008

Volume: 52 pages

Periodicity: 4 issues per year

About the client

The Kentro chain of alcohol boutiques comprises of eight specialized stores in major cities of Russia. The chain employees select the best samples in Russia and around the world, conduct tastings and have long become experts in their field. With the help of the corporate magazine the Kentro chain instills the taste for luxury alcohol and teaches Russians to treat it like a work of art.

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