Official publication of the Basel Aero airports. Entertains and informs. The magazine reader has an opportunity to see other countries through the eyes of travel reporters, learns about new routes and opportunities in Basel Aero airports. The edition widely covers the lifestyle topic: each issue contains materials about vacations, sports, hobbies and fashion, photo stories from different events, interviews with famous musicians, actors, athletes and travelers. In the company of Kuban magazine the flight goes in a blink of an eye.



О проекте

Начало выпуска: 2007 год

Объем: от 100 полос

Тираж: 16 000 экземпляров

Периодичность: 11 номеров в год

About the client

The Basel Aero company runs airport assets of Basic Element – one of Russia's largest diversified industrial groups. Basel Aero controls airports in Krasnodar, Sochi, Gelendzhik and Anapa, serving more than 7% of total passenger traffic and 1.5% of total traffic in Russia.

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