Must have magazine

Corporate publication of the City Center shopping and entertainment mall focussing on fashion, lifestyle, health, beauty and entertainments. In general, the magazine is about the art of living beautifully. The magazine is designed for well-off customers of shopping and entertainment malls, which have high living standards . This Must have magazine helps them to find their way in the world of fashion and luxury goods. It tells what is trending the current season and which new items are available in the shopping mall. Musthave also includes fashion trends overviews, reports from fashion shows and events, interviews with opinion makers, fascinating excursions into the history of fashion and biographies of famous designers.

About the project

Published: since 2007

Volume: 84 pages

Circulation: 10,000 copies

Periodicity: 4 issues per year

About the client

The City Center shopping and entertainment mall located in Krasnodar comprises of lots of boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants, cafes, a modern cinema, children’s play ground, beauty salon and an exhibition gallery. Shopping here is considered an art, which is proven by every edition of the Musthave magazine. A number of premium brands in Krasnodar are represented only in the City Center shopping and entertainment malls

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