Nautica Magazine

A magazine for those who want to have a yacht and can afford it, but are not ready to admit it to themselves. The aim of the project is to dispel the doubts and to give the readers the idea that he or she can afford the yacht not only financially, but psychologically as well. The magazine presents yachting as a way of life, teaches to admire and to be familiar with yachts and shows the expert approach of the yachting agency Nautica in complicated practical tasks, i.g. choosing the boat, launching, searching for the crew, charter and maintenance. A special place in the magazine is occupied by a catalogue of motor and sailing yachts, catamarans and cutters, that is closely related to the editorial part of the magazine. The issue is distributed in five star hotels and luxury restaurants.


PUBLISHED: since 2015

VOLUME: from 64 pages

CIRCULATION: 2 000 copies

PERIODICITY: 4 issues per year

About the client

NAUTICA is a yacht agency representing European producers of premium yachts – Princess, Beneteau, Lagoon and CNB in Russia. The company is engaged in selling and servicing yachts, boats, motor and sailing catamarans. The agency's clients are professional yachtsmen and amateur sportsmen.

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