The NIPIgazpererabotka (NIPIGas) JSC is one of the leading Russian design institutes of the gas processing industry. The Instituteemploys around a thousand people. For a large team of the NIPIgazpererabotka JSC a corporate newspaper is an important means of communication. The newspaper publishes current and relevant information about the company, announces anddiscuss issues of staff development, adaptation and training of new employees. This way the publication of a corporate newspaper has become a part of the educational process. Company’s employees are involved in the process of creating the newspaper: they offer topics of articles, participate in surveys, interviews and prepare expert articles.




About the project

Published: since 2010

Volume: 8 pages

Circulation: 1,000 copies

Periodicity: once a month

About the client

The NIPIgazpererabotka (NIPIGaz) JSC is an oil and gas processing industry design institute. NIPIGaz implements technical solutions for the collection, transportation and processing of light hydrocarbon materials and the byproduct petroleum and natural gas.

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