World of Hunting

The magazine is published for the clients of the World of Hunting chain of stores, is focused on active recreation and contains materials both for beginners and experienced hunters, fishermen, tourists and divers. The purpose of the magazine is to popularize outdoor activities. To prepare the materials the editors attract renowned experts, which raise the status of the edition, and enthusiastic amateurs, shaping a community around the Mir Okhoty brand. The magazine publishes an updated product catalog, but the main content of the edition is ideas and tutorials on how to use these products in practice and professional advice. Distributed to 18 stores of the chain in 16 Russian cities.



About the project

Published: since 2012

Volume: 100 pages

Circulation: 30,000 copies

Periodicity: 4 issues per year

About the client

The World of Hunting chain of stores has been on the market since 1999 and is one of the nation's largest chains of products for outdoor activities and the official representative of more than a dozen leading brands specialized in the outdoor market. The chain consists of stores opened in 16 cities in Russia. The store format is very unique: it combines items for tourism, hunting and fishing. The company is actively working with customers, organizing topical workshop, schools and festivals.

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