SOGAZ Group of companies owns 9 insurance, health and service companies.
Our SOGAZ Magazine covers events happening in the companies of the Group and in the insurance industry. The main task of the issue is to highlight the people who develop and bring SOGAZ to the leading positions on the the market. Not only a top manager, but also a frontline employee can become the main person of a new issue: on the pages of the magazine you can find stories, opinions, exchange of experiences and personal achievements of the employees that become a part of the big success of the Group. Due to the magazine the staff learns about the role of certain departments, strategic goals of the company and the new ideas in thriving on the challenges.



Published: since April 2015

Volume: 40 pages (36 + 4)

Circulation: 999 copies

Periodicity: quarterly

About the client

SOGAZ Insurance Group is one of the biggest insurers at federal level in Russia. It takes the first place in the country on size of assets and in terms of equity. SOGAZ Group occupies leading positions in corporate insurance industry and many backbone companies and their employees trust their insurance cover to the Group. The number of SOGAZ employees is more than 11,000 people.

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