Concept reformation of the Pro Life magazine

Pro Life magazine has 2 main purposes: to help the clients of Life Financial Group to orientate among its products; and to inform targeted auditory about the principles behind the wok of the company.  The magazine needed to be changed because of the dynamic growth and development of the company. Based on the main values of Life Financial Group(Knowledge and innovation, loyal customers, business partnership, honesty and transparency)  and the company style elements  we have modified the concept of the issue. As a result the rubricator was reinvented and the new ways of delivering information were offered. As a result we changed the grid, selected modern prints, designed the logo and a complex of basic visual elements.

About the client

Life Financial Group - it is an association of banks and companies, which offers finance services on the Russian market. The participants of Life Financial Group focus on long-term relations with clients and partners of the Group, they provide a high quality service which is continually developing, and use advanced technologies in business dealing.

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