Tabris supermarket chain’s official publication, for people who don’t make a religion of food, but consider cooking an art. The purpose of the project is to keep people up to date with the newest developments and proven classics of the gastronomic world, which are provided by the supermarket chain, and to lift the veil on how professionals create their culinary masterpieces. That’s why each edition includes interviews with gastronomic gurus from different countries and professional areas, workshops on cooking techniques, recipes with detailed description of the whole process from “A” to “Z” and short but sufficient and comprehensive product descriptions .



About the project

Published: since 2002

Volume: from 148 pages

Circulation: 60,000 copies

Periodicity: 11 issues per year

About the client

Tabris is a chain of premium supermarkets in Krasnodar and Novorossiysk, attracting wealthy, discerning and demanding customers, who appreciate comfort and quality.

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