This Weekend magazine is created for all residents and guests of Krasnodar and the region. It is the most comprehensive and modern guide to all the recreational facilities in Krasnodar and Kuban resorts including a schedule of cultural, fashion, sports, music and nightlife events for the upcoming month. The magazine is a guide to restaurants and cafes, Krasnodar hotels and clubs. It easily answers the questions “What shall we do in the evening”: ? “Where should we go to celebrate?” ? “Where should we go for the weekend?” “What can we do during the holidays?” The magazine is distributed in popular restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, beauty salons and other places in Krasnodar and the regions resorts .



About the project

Published: since 2006

Volume: from 148 pages

Circulation: 40,000 copies

Periodicity: 11 issues per year

About the client

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